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    SKi flushing ( or lack thereof )

    Hey guys, i've been a longtime reader and have only just signed up - this site pretty much taught me everything I need to know about ski ownership in the leadup to buying my own.

    Anyway, i've got a Yamaha FX 1.8 with about 100 hours on it, used exclusively in the ocean. I'm about to take it on a trip to a more isolated region here in Australia, so it'll be beach launching and dirt tracks for a few weeks only. Normal access to flushing water for the ski will be nonexistent for the most part during the trip, at best we may pass through a town with ramp facilities but there may be a week or two between chances. I'm wondering if you guys have any thoughts on how to approach this. The ski won't be getting used everyday, but i'd imagine the more it's in the water and less it's sitting on the trailer the better, and that flushing with saltaway? or a similar type of product could be a good idea for when I do have access to water. I'd appreciate any insight how to best look after the ski under such circumstances!


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    i just posted in another thread about it. grab yourself a 12v portable/submersible pump and an esky. take it out of the water, plug the pump into your car. fill the esky with soapy water and drop the pump in. use the flushing hose as a hose to wash down the ski, then flush it out. i was doing the same here in Qatar when i lived in a compound with gravity fed water tanks (no pressure).

    some people say that if you're riding in salt every day, you don't have to worry so much about flushing, however i don't believe it. you'll have to spray your metal fittings and the interior of your hull as well as a wash down of the externals if you want it to remain tip top. the extra water and the 3 minutes it takes to flush it out is an investment.

    a good fog of wd40 or other rust-inhibitor after you finish will also mean you'll need a few cans of whatever you end up going with.

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