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    Fuel priming trouble after changing lines?

    I've just finished replacing the grey fuel lines and the second 1996 GTX along with installing a new in-line fuel filter, cleaned the internal carb filters, and the fuel selector.

    Have a 1/3 a tank of gas and have cranked the motor several times with no sign of fuel in the in-line filter; the first ski flowed rather quickly.
    I'm pulling the choke cable and throttling back and forth with my knee at times.
    Any tricks I'm missing?
    Things to trouble shoot?


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    Re-check your work, sounds like its pulling air from one of the connections OR the lines are crossed. try switchinf the selector around to see if anything changes? If you changed youre "pulse'' line check that too.

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    I just re-checked all the line; and yes, the pulse line was hooked back up.
    Tank line from riders perspective:
    12:00 Reserve
    3:00 Return
    6:00 Main
    9:00 Vent

    I'm wondering if I didn't get the selector switch fully cleaned and / or ended up pushing crap further in and plugging it up?
    BTW, I've tried in both the ON and RESERVE position.

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    It takes forever. Put some premix in the carbs and start it

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    UPDATE: It's the selector switch; must have not thoroughly cleaned it and made it worse - I just by-passed it and have fuel flowing.
    I didn't have any Acetone and ended up just using Paint Thinner and a small allen wrench to clean out the gunk.
    Will Acetone completely dissolve the gunk where I can re-use the switch or better to just by a new one?

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    Replace it.

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    I've never been able to clean a gummed up fuel selector switch and have it work correctly after that.

    They are so cheap to replace I just buy em a half dozen at a time from SBT ( the only expensive one if for the 97xp. No aftermarket available. That one sells for over $75)

    the rubber disc is what causes the trouble

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    I always take them apart and clean them, never had an issue and it only takes 5 minutes. Take out the #1 phillips head screw then use a pair of pliers to pull the switch out of the body. Use a pick or bent paperclip to grab and pull out the rubber switch sleeve. Pull left then right so it comes out evenly, if you get too rough with it you could tear it in half. Use the paperclip to ream and pull all the nasty goo out of the fittings. Then squirt some carb cleaner on a Q-tip and finish cleaning up all the passages and the switch body. Blow it out with compressed air. Wipe down the switch itself and the rubber sleeve with carb cleaner on a rag. Smear a little 2 stroke oil or grease on the rubber sleeve and push it back down into the body noting proper orientation.....the sleeve has 2 slots, one is slightly wider than the other. Smear a little grease on the switch o'ring and push it back down into the body with the groove facing the screw hole. Re-install the screw. Piece of cake.

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