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    Idle speed on 1996 GTX 787?

    What's the proper idle speed on a '96 GTX 787 when out of the water?
    I'm new and just fired up the second GTX after replacing all the grey fuel lines; first ski had a much lower idle but we're also having some other issues - suspect a bad rectifier.

    Brief run out of the water and not on a water hose has the idle from 2500-3000; another thread I read indicated this is about right - seems high but obviously I'm on a learning curve...

    I'll hook it up to hose later this afternoon time permitting; heading out to the Ranger game

    I'm assuming running on a garden hose does not have any impact on idle speed but being on the water will.
    Proper idle speed out of the water? On the water?

    Thanks again,

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    should drop to about 1500 when you put it in the water

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    When warmed up, my '97 idles at between 1200 and 1500 RPM. Out of water I haven't really let it idle but I'd say 2800-3000 is probably right. Of course that doesn't nessecarily mean much, I'm still working the kinks out of my GTX!

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