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    I need a lil help asap.


    ok so i took it out for the first time .it would turn to the left real good but wouldent turn much to the right.
    after a hour of test riding my check engine thru a code p1202 then my sterring cable locking nut broke and started taking in water.

    help plz

    if u got time and wouldent maind talking to help plz call me 813 516 5951 mando
    thank u

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    the plastic nuts have always been a problem. You can get aluminum ones for about $8 each I believe. You need to check your steering cable for water intrusion, swelling, rusting etc and replace if necessary.

    That's a oil pressure code if I remember correctly

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    U can find those aluminum ones on Ebay. Much better than the cheap plastic OEM ones.

    Just do a search for: REVERSE CABLE NUT SEA DOO


    The P 1202 code is: Oil tank pressure switch bad, or blow-by valve still closed. They are located on the front of the engine , below the oil fill Cap. The OP switch should have a connector with only 1 wire going to it. The TOPS valve should have 2 wires going to it.

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    can i ride with that code ?
    the cable do i have to remove it to check it out ?

    thank u guys

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    Sounds like the cable needs replaced so yeah it needs to come out..

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    well i got the new steering cable and same thing nothing chage my cble wasent bad so i dont undertand goin crazy here man. it sucks the jetski scene its not like the car scene not many people like to help u out . i got one person that helping me out in sarasota thaks jim

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    With the cable disconnected under the handle bars was your steering free to move back n forth?
    Sometimes in the column it can lock up.

    If its not the column or cable then i bet something is off in the pump area.
    Maybe a loose bolt or something wedged in there.

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    Well every thing moves freely . I'm thinking it has the rong steering cable . But I got a new one and its was just as short. And I check part# and it to a 06 gtx and up not to a 03 so... I think that's the problem I got the cable from sbt but it was the rong part # if there any one that Khow seadoo real good and can get me the right part number for the 03 steering cable It would really help me out

    This was what they sold me sbt #26-3119 witch is oem # 277 000 949 to a 06 seadoo gtx 4-tec ltd
    And I think the 03 gtx 4-tec sc Sbt #26-3929. Witch is oem # 277 001 578 03 seadoo gtx 4-tec sc

    And thanks for the help wotxxxst

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