So, we've had the ski since new, and have nearly 350 hours on it. Discovered last month that the bilge started pumping out an oil slick, so we put it up on the ski platform and checked it out.

Filter was tight, but 1/2" of oil was found inside the hull.

Towed it off the water, and started disassembling it. No obvious problems until we finally pulled the engine - where we could see a blown gasket where the oil pan meets the engine block. Also scrapes on the underside of the oil pan. Examination of the hull interior shows a high spot of fiberglass and resin, which has apparently been banging the oil pan in choppy water or wave-jumping expeditions. Over time, the vibration and compression has loosened two of the bolts as well. So a fairly simple repair, even if time-consuming.

We're doing the repair ourselves (DH is a gearhead), so we're making up a parts list. He would like to replace the water hoses, and is hoping to get them from a non-Kawi source (he'd like to buy 10' or so, and then cut to replace as necessary). Since the molded one under the boat is specially shaped, we will buy that one from Kawi.

Any suggestions or recs for equivalent water hose sources would be appreciated.