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    02 yamaha XLT1200 issue

    Hello folks , I'm a newbie here, hope I can if do some questions for what happened to me last week in the pond. I had a hard time to start it at the end of the day, but it start, than I was leaving and the ski did not pass the 5 mph, but the rpm was going high, is this a cavitation problem??? Than I stop it and start it again and everything was well.
    What do you guys think about this? I've been reading a lot arround here, and should I seal the ride plate? But if I do that I may consider to replace the impeller and the intake grade right?!

    Give some advices please? Thanks

    I already have the D plate and the chip. I'll buy the waveater clips&coupler...

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    If the thing revs with no issues, it should be a pump problem rather than an engine problem.

    With a flash light and a small mirrow look inside of your intake. Make sure that absolutely nothing like string, plastic, or twigs are caught up inside of it.

    If it is clean, you will have to pull the pump and inspect the impeller and wear ring for any dings or damage/wear. This can be taken apart easily, and all of the major components have alignment pins, so it is easy to put back together properly.

    The worst case is that your midshaft has gone bad. This does not sound like your problem because with a bad midshaft, the engine revs, but the boat will not move at all (you said that it would go 5 mph).

    Start with the simple and go with the complex. Good luck, and welcome to the forum.

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    I'll do what salty say to do first....check if you have junk in the pump or impeller

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    +1 on trash or debris in the intake or impeller housing and it was likely cleared out when you stopped and started it again. The smallest things (rocks, sticks, trash) can cause cavitation which is exactly what you were experiencing.

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    Had the same problem with my '02 XLT on Friday, while riding at Kelleys Island OH. Due to bad weather approaching I had to get in line to take the ski out and went round and round behind the breakwater, where all of the underwater vegetation was growing. By the time I was first in line my ski wouldn't go over 1 mph. I puttered to the landing and loaded it on the trailer. The intake grate was completely stuffed with "seaweed." Cut it out and everything was OK again. Your problem may be that simple.

    Weather on Kelleys Island the past 3 days has been terrible. I was only able to take it out on Friday, and within 1/2 hour of putting the ski in the water, a storm blew in. This happened 2x on Friday, and since then the weather has not been conducive to wave riding. Maybe the weather will be better tomorrow.


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