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    1200 power valve build

    I bought a 2001 xlt 1200 with the blown motor removed from the hull and disassembled. I have installed a new crank, seals, pistons and cylinders. Now I am stuck. I can't find an intake manifold that would bolt to the block and the carbs would then bolt to. I also can't find any good pictures of a built engine to see if it even has an intake manifold like this. I know my 1200 non pv motor had that when I built it.

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    Go to Go to yamaha parts. Go to waverunners. Go to year & model. Go to carburation. They have pictures of everything you need.

    Then send a private message to Richard Patterson (WFO). Tell him exactly what you need. He has got all of that stuff. He will ask you how many you want.

    You are describing the carburetor rail, but you will need more than that.

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