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    Could a bad TXi MFD do the following?

    I have 2 Virage TXi we will call one 111 and the other 113. When I picked them up they would not start. 111 had a trashed circuit board so I replaced it and it started. I took the EMM out of 111 and put it in 113 and it started. Ok so I have one bad EMM. Well I changed the fuel lines on both and updated the solenoid on 111 and a coil. I did have one of the small wires unplugged from the coil but put it back. I tryed to starte it again but no start. It would if I put a little gas in the throttle body but it will stop when it burns off. The fuel PSI is 20 to 30 psi, plugs are right ones, and I put the EMM in 113 and it starts up so itís not the EMM.
    Could the MFD be bad and not know it? I will try the one from 113 and see it that works Any other ideas of what it could be?

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    Measure injector voltage on the White/Red wire, with all injectors plugged in. While cranking it should be over 20 volts.

    You can bypass the MFI display. Details via my signature links.

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