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    Pulling 3 person tube with FXSHO

    I this legal,and do I need a flag to put up when doing it?I just picked up a 2 person,and 3 person tube.
    thanks for any info

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    And it wouldn't work out for you because you need a partner on the back if your jet ski to hold the flag while you drive and if you were pulling more then two people on those tubes it would also be illegal because your suppose to have enough room for everyone on your ski while I'm almost positive that model is a three seater

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    In Tennessee, yes. In Georgia, no. It all depends on your local state laws. You should be researching your state laws rather than asking a forum brother. Just a polite piece of advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by springer130 View Post
    I this legal,and do I need a flag to put up when doing it?I just picked up a 2 person,and 3 person tube.thanks for any info
    What CCW said, depends on the state. In MN for example there is no law stating that you must have capacity for a tuber and you also don't have to have any flag displayed. YMMV on other states, you're best bet is to google or check you state's DNR boating rules website.

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