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    2013 VXR, review

    Morning folks. Bit the bullet this past Friday and picked up a yellow 2013 VXR and all I can say is wow... This thing is great. Coming from a moderately modified gp1200r that would do a steady 70 mph, right out the box the VXR was 66-70 depending on water conditions, completely bone stock. It's extemely comfortable when riding two persons and very stable. I"m more than happy with my purchase and I highly recommend getting one if you're able to.

    That is all, happy riding.

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    Definatly a fun little ski for sure I did 66.8 box stock first day out with some small mods it can get you over 70mph

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    Ditto churb! I can't say enough about how impressed I am with my VXR! Far exceeded my expectations!

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