I'm just getting back in PWC's after almost a decade of absence. Last week I just purchased a 1999 GSXL from a coworker who bought it new and took meticulous care of it (only used Sea Doo synthetic oil, only used 93 octane ethanol-free fuel, winterized and fogged the engine religiously). The body and inner hull are immaculate...really happy that I have the opportunity to own this boat.

Friday: I put new spark plugs in it (NGK BR8ES gapped to .022) and a new battery and took it to the lake for the first ride. Right off the bat I noticed the idle felt really rough, like one of the cylinders was missing. I also noticed that it would bog down severely right as the throttle was squeezed, and it would take feathering of the throttle to get it it to finally start accelerating. However, once it got up past 3,500-4,000 rpms it smoothed out and ran like a dream (so fast!).

After this disappointing run, I took it out of the water, did a little reading and got a plan together. First thing that needed to happen was ditching the grey fuel lines for some black non-injection Gates lines. I also came to the conclusion that the accelerator pump must be having problems (that would explain the bogging when throttle was initially squeezed). The idle I wasn't as sure about, but I figured it was either clogged fuel lines, clogged carb fuel filters or bad carb settings.

Saturday: Replaced all the fuel lines with black Gates lines from O'Reilly. Pulled the carbs and checked the accelerator pump. Sure enough, the adjustable screw that raises the plunger on the pump was missing completely. The plunger barely moved at all when the throttle was pulled, and no gas was squirting out. I found a replacement screw that fit perfectly. That seemed to fix that. Otherwise, the system seemed really clean. None of the hoses were breaking down on the inside like some of the pics I've seen online. I couldn't get my hands on a carb rebuild kit locally, so I decided not to open them up. I cleaned the big fuel filter up front (just a little bit of sand/grime in the bottom), lubed everything and put it all back together.

Sunday: Second ride. Idle is still rough, same feeling (feels like a cylinder is missing). However, the bogging is completely gone; it still feels rough below 3,500-4,000 rpm, but it does accelerate now without having to feather the throttle. Feels fantastic once it gets going.

Any suggestions on what to do next? Does it sound like a carb rebuild will probably solve my problems? I'm just trying to figure out my next step. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...want to get this thing running as good as it looks. Thanks,