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    How to flush cooling system?

    Ive got a 04 MSX 110, needs a flush, how do I do that? is there a drain somewhere?

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    When the engine is warm enough, the coolant will be returning to the reserve tank from the whole system via the small hose near the top and leaving through the hose in the bottom. You may be able to hook up a hose to the exit and run water through it and then the antifreeze mixture similar to how it is done with a car? I am unsure. I did it when I had the intercooler out and just unhooked both sides of the oil cooler. To me this is the lowest point on the ski for coolant and should have gotten most of it out. The I refilled.

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    I don't think it'll work to flush the system through the coolant jug while running. Once the T-stat opens, most of all the coolant is bypassing the coolant jug and going through the engine, oil cooler, and heat exchanger. Some would still pee into the jug that you could capture but the clean stuff you dump in the jug will only be diluting the dirty coolant in the system that continues to circulate. If you did it long enough... I guess the solution to your coolant pollution would be eventual dilution.

    Like Red said... nose down and popping an end cap off the oil cooler is a sure way to get it all drained. Or nose high and popping off the coolant jug supply line and laying it low in the hull will work pretty well too. Then drain the hull into buckets and dispose of properly.


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