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    Will a CDI from 2000 SHL 700 work on a 2000 virage 700

    The CDI for a 2000 VIrage has been discotinued. I found a CDI part number 4010380 that cross refernces 4010404 on Ebay that is for a 2000 SHL 700. Will this CDI work for a 2000 Virage? Btw That part is not discontinued and is also available direct from polaris. From what I understand its not a high start CDI but I have no way to cross reference it. These two engines are the same right?

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    The CDI will work fine but you may still need to adjust the base timing. It should be 18 degrees at 3000 rpm.

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    Posted this in the "how to"but seems like you know what you are talking about when it comes to CDI's.
    Is 4010404 a high start CDI. It had a 4010381 CDI on the jetski that was replaced with a 4010404 CDI prior to me buying it. I believe the 404 and the 380 are the same part but I'm not sure, can someone confirm that. The 381 is discontinued but the 380 is still available. The old CDI was left in the front compartment so I have both part #'s. Is that what could be causing my problem. Was the original CDI replaced with a high start w/o adjusting the timing? It ran fine for about a month then it stopped firing. I found that the CDI stopped sending the 8 volts on the brown wire. I did the 9 volt batt bypass test and it fired right up. So the jetski does fire if I connect 9 votls to the cdi's brown wire. What would cause this ski to burn out two CDI's already that I know of. Don't know how many it has gone threw since I'm not the first owner.

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