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    Seadoo rxp x 2008 from holland with big unknown problem


    I am joey from Holland. I have a seadoo rxp x ski 2008 255 hpp tuned to approx 285 hp. I will soon start a project thread. Well, like the topic title sais i have a major problem. I ran the ski last year befor winther approx 10 hours. After winter i have doe a maintenance at 143 hours. new oi, spark plugs filter etc etc. The SC has had a rebuild by 130 hours. After this maintenenca at the local shop i waited for some good weather. within 2 weeks the weather was nice. The shop holder told me to let the ski warm up verry slowly for approx 20 minutes at a 4500 rpm. The ski went well and i did not have any problems.

    I went riding the ski for 4 times. the last time i hit the 152 hours, the ski scooped a little water inside en suddenly i got alarm beep P 0116, intake sensor fail. I immediatly stopped the ski and let me tow by my friend to the drop site. I called the shop what kind of problem i have had. P0116 was a intake sensor fail, i let the ski at the shop and a new sensor was inserted. They told me to let the ski in the water and let it run slowly. i dropped in the water and after 300m at no throttle the sensor faul allready came up. pulled out the dess key, waited a minute. Wouldn't start. the rpm towwed back to the drop site put it on the trailer and went home called the shop he didn't new what the problem is at that time. After half an hour he called me back, maybe the intercooler is leak, you have to do a compression test in that intercooler. I de installed the seat and seat piec and removed the intercooler. Did a leak test, and the intercooler was in great shape.. NO LEAKS. I didn't new what to do, i removed all the piping on the ski; supercharger, exhaust, intake, etc all hoses on the ski. When i took off the pipe of the air filter i immediatly spotted some white/yellow sludge or somthing like that.

    On the head of the engine ther was a hose from 1 " in our country we call it carter. this fose was full of this stuff ( see picture) i did a verry well clean up of all hoses. After that i installed all the parts and started it on dry land. Soon as i hit the start button, it cranked like it used to. I was verry happy, went to the water on the trailer en started it in the water let it run on the trailre for almost 10 minutes, no fauls. i decided to pull out the dess key and waited for a minute and then restart the engine. The engine did not more than 300-400 rpm and wouldn't crank. pulled it out of the water did a thru start and he cranked up on shore. Then did the whole proces again, but in the water it would not start. I brainstormed about possibillties, and we did the battery of my friends rxp on mine, and mine on my friends. both started on shore and in the water. afther a while ( 20 minutes) i pulled out the dess key, and started back up, with a little struggling he started, did that 3 times with no problems. ski rides like hell. Then dicided to doo a little trip of 5 miles, and let it rest for 30 minutes. Same problem, would not start in the water. Towwed back put it on the trailer, cranked it up and after a while it was running again. Went back to home, had a look at teh spark plugs, no problems. Did a hose set up with water, after the first start up it would not crank.

    Does anybody know what my problem is? Dynamo? start engine? start relay? accu fail ( would not becaus i had the accu from my frend )?? Can any body help me?
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    greetz joey

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    Never seen that stuff in picture #3 before. Whats the oil look like? Water or coolant is getting in the engine I think.

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    When it doesn't start does it make a clicking sound?
    If it clicks and doesn't start then its probably your starter relay.
    When you say it doesn't start what does it do?

    I've also never seen the green slug in pic #3.
    That looks like coolant.
    Is the coolant level staying full?
    How does the oil look?
    Any water or coolant in the oil?

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    The stuff in pic 3 is a mix of oil and water or euro95 i think. i cleaned everything, this afternune i did the same with my friends ski.. he has the same stuff in the hose, his ski is doing no problems.. coolant level is ok.. oil color is ok and not over filled.the problem i have had is the p0116 intake.. i scooped a little water in the intake, the sensor went in fault and gave wrong temperatures in the engine, the.engine regulates on the intake sensor the Mount of fuel is needed to do a proper burn.. if i start it on the water i don't hear al clicking sound, i know exactly what you mean. i have had this several times on my yamaha yfz450 quad.. start relais default.. but i didn't check it with the front hood open.. tomorrow i will try that if i hear that click i'd rather need a new starter relais

    #edit: on the water when i stoart it max 320-420 rpm... i have a extra bilge pump mouted to drain water out of the hull.. there are some after market vents for air supply under the seat hull

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