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    oil in antifreeze and water in oil?

    Ok, so, pretty sure this isnt suppose to look like this. I just bought this 04 MSX 110, and heres what ive got. it has 42hrs on it. What do you think I should do? where am I to start with this?

    thanks, much appreciated.

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    My understandingis this is common and a revised canister was made avalible. Someone with much more experence will chime in soon.

    Here is a link that may be helpful:

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    See your other threads for coolant draining/flushing ideas.

    As for milky oil... that's bad too. Gotta determine if it's coolant in the oil or fresh water. The updated oil tanks Ghost referred to help fix the common leaking of fresh water into the oil tank. The stock oil tanks often develop leaks around the large o-ring that seals the two halves.

    Now if you have coolant in your oil... that's likely from a bad waterpump shaft seal... or oil cooler... or headgasket.

    Do a compression test... and a leak-down test. These will tell you a lot about the health of your engine.


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    I have not seen that much oil in the antifreeze before. It's almost like someone thought it was the oil tank and added it in there... That is probably going to take a lot of flushing to get out.

    Now as far as the milky oil goes, I made this suggestion on another thread. Heat up a pan on your stove slightly so that when you put a drop of water on the pan it bubbles and boils off. Don't get the pan too hot. Then put a drop of oil on there. If the oil bubbles and spits, you have water in there. Problem is, the coolant is a 50:50 mixture so that will give you a positive as well. You can have your oil analyzed (someone on here mentioned a company I cannot remember the name of that does it cheaper than my company can) and they will tell you if it has water, glycol, fuel dilution, wear metals in it, etc.

    As far as the causes go, that is a heck of a lot of oil in that coolant reservoir and if it was caused by the water pump seal, you need to get that replaced ASAP. It could have been caused by a bad oil cooler, but I have never seen that before.

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