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    Question Engine Fault Codes...fixing on own and clearing codes??

    Hello, Please help!

    We have a 2007 SeaDoo GTI SE. Runs great and never had any problems. Just recently we got the alarm and engine fault code P0116 - Engine Temp Sensor Faulty.

    It does not overheat and does not lose power at all....still runs good. Checked the ohms and it is not where it should be. Assuming it is just bad sensor. New part should be here today and it is ultra easy to change on our own.

    We have 2 SeaDoos so this past weekend we took the sensor out of the good one, put it in the one getting the fault and ran it again, hoping we would not get the alarm and fault, but we still got the same code. We are now assuming the codes just need to be cleared from the computer before we check it again and then everything should be fine.

    Question I really need to take it to a dealer to clear the codes? Nearest one is an hour away and they are backlogged and won't even look at it for over a week. All we need is to clear the codes.

    If this is the case, that means you can't even fix a problem on your own??? This part is cheap and very easy to do by yourself so it would be crazy to pay a dealer to do it.

    Any advice? Thanks.

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    The code will clear after the problem is fixed it goes from active to occurred

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    Thanks beerdart....According to some dealers, I've been told the problem should go from active to occurred and the alarm should not sound anymore but I have had 2 power sport shops tell me that has not been their experience. And, in our case now I am 99.9% sure our problem is just the bad sensor because nothing else is wrong (we also checked the wires/connections and engine is not running hot), once we changed the sensor we "theoretically" should not have gotten the alarm/code again but we did.

    We haven't gotten any other codes and everything is working great so if it is not the sensor I have no idea what else it could possibly be.

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    swap the one in the waterbox.

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