so it appears that i'm not going to be able to soda blast the carbs off my gpr...

after reading a few threads on here and elsewhere about soda blasting(and the awesome results), $10 DIY blast guns and such, i figured it would be easy enough to get the hardcore corrosion/paint of my carbs before i rebuild/repaint them with a minimal outlay of cash. i picked up a cheap harbor freight abrasive blaster gun and tried using a 3.2CFM/5g compressor i had- nope. borrowed a 5CFM/15g- nope. next up a gas powered 10CFM/10g- better, but not getting results like i've seen on youtube/forums.

tried modding the HF blast gun to a smaller inside diameter, messed with nozzle size- nope. it appears i need a massive compressor and a better blasting gun/tank setup, but its not something that will get used often enough to justify the expense. i don't really want to mess with a more abrasive media either after doing more research.

i guess it's time to seek out a pro with the right gear...anyone have any leads on someone local that can do this in/around daytona area? the guys i've found seem to be geared towards much larger jobs than a few carbs. i really really don't want to 'send them out' anywhere