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    Need Help With Wave Raider!!!!

    I haven't posted on here in forever, but I'm looking for some guidance......

    On one of my older machines that I keep around for my cousins to beat on, I can't get it to run. It's a 95 waveraider 700, with super low hours on it. Always ran pretty good. Now after sitting all winter, with the battery out, sitting on the tender, it's 100% DEAD. I've tried it with the charger hooked up & still DEAD. It won't crank, won't turn the display on, or anything. I checked the main fuse, it looks good.
    Anybody have any ideas on what I should check next? I thought maybe it was the handle bar switch? I didn't have my power tester with me, but I took it apart, and I don't see any corrosion in there. I also unplugged the black/white plug and tried to start, but it didn't do anything either.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Make sure the battery is 100% and try jumping the solenoid across the large terminals and see if the motor spin's over. maybe its just a bad solenoid

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    Thanks! Is the solenoid located in the black plastic 'brain box' or......??

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    You put a volt meter on the battery?

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