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    99 yamaha xl 700 problems

    Have 2 of these skis- one is leaking water- drained and filled hull to see if could find leak- no luck. Any other thoughts
    The other one when running sounds like a grinding noise when throttling and cuts out. Will start again but grinding noise continues. Any help would be appreciated

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    Strap your boat onto the trailer and put in at the ramp. Check for leaks with a flashlight.. especially where fittings and hoses enter at the transom plate. If nothing crank your boat and check fittings. If nothing, get idle speed up high then check for leaks at fittings.

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    Not enough info. Try to isolate where the sound is coming, pump, engine, above, below etc.

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    Sounds like pump bearings on the second ski.

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    Thanks-I'll try that. On the second ski the noise sounds like it is coming from under the boat not from the engine area.

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    anyone know a good repair shop in the western suburbs of Chicago??

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