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    Broken intercooler after 4 hours

    i dropped my rxpx260 in water after sitting in a heated garage all winter. I felt no power, and something was off. My intercooler failed, flooded engine, oil is milky now.

    What is best way to flush all the old oil now?

    Do i buy OEM Again? OR Riva? or?

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    Just do a few oil changes and ride it! Go for the Riva intercooler!

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    Oil changes are the hard way and cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$..If you have the shop manual follow the boil out procedure..Much faster and less $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    You still have to do at least 2 il changes but if yours is bad enough, I have seen people do 8 or 9 oil changes....If you follow the boil out, you should do 3 at most.......

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