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    Unhappy Sucked in debris

    Weather here is rainy and depressing, in that mood I post my latest experience on a river. Sucked up something into the pump which wreaked havoc despite my best attempts to clear it. Not so much a 'video' since all the action is in the 'audio'.
    This happened in a long 'idle zone' and I was about to switch from low speed mode to 'normal'. As soon as I tried to accelerate the pump made strange noises. I spare you from watching a 2h miserable return idle session with many attempts tro clean it out but short accelerations, rocking, turning off, backing up etc. Might be good for new people that never had this experience.
    I ended up on several boat docks trying to get things out from the intake grade side. To my frustration there was nothing to see, feel or get hold off.
    Eventually I made it back to the ramp and pulled it out. Nothing to see inside the intake grade area but I did notice a piece of 'palm tree bark' that could have fallen out from my way out of the water but couldn't say for sure if this is what happened. It's feathery stringy consistency could explain a lot though, ended up launching again but sounded still as bad.
    Long story short, wear ring was dislodged with evidence of something going through the pump
    Back to normal now and hoping for a break in this miserable rainy weather.

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    I had a blade on my impellor snap and do damage to the wear ring and i was sure i didnt't hit anything. After having a look i was suspicious that it must of had a fracture and the dealer too agreed. Luckily Seadoo through goodwill gave me a new impellor and i paid for labour and wear ring . If your impellor has any notches on them you will lack lots of power and will need to replace.

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    I hate the rain lol

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    feel your pain brother. my experience was just as bad. now i'm paranoid. got a new tandem trailer to tow around my fzs and super jet. told the wife i was going to be an hour or so towing the 3 trailers down, shuffling them over and coming back home. finished everything and thought screw it, i'll go for a quick ride. head out into the bay. play around for a little bit and realise all the boats are starting to head back around me. think nothing of it. next thing i know a sandstorm comes in and drops the viz to like 50-100m. damn. i start to head back. run over a submerged rice sack. it get sucked in and instantly wrapps around the shaft and into the impeller then melts solid (it was kind of plastic). engine stops dead instantly. i'm by myself, no viz, dead ski, miles from anywhere. i swim push the ski for about 65minutes before i make the hard decision to let it go and just swim. was getting way too tired and the tide was changing so it would probably bring the ski towards the port. 45 minutes later i climb up a pier into the port area where i'm met with security forces and police thinking i'd jumped off a ship or something (i landed in the free area of the port). an hour later my story checks out so they try to load me into an ambulance to take me to hospital but i convince them to let me grab my other ski and go looking for the superjet. 2 hours later i find it smashing itself between a 300 foot container ship and a concrete pier half submerged (the smashing had dislodged the cover and the pump was falling just behind the incoming flow). tow it back to trailer, drain it out, remove as much water from inside the engine as i could and get it home. another hour in the police station to sort everything out and then they realise the coast guard was out looking for me after my wife told them i was an hour overdue hours ago. then i had to argue with them for another 30 minutes because i didn't want to go to hospital (i'd cut myself up pretty badly on the barnicles climing up the pier). ended up getting home about 9 hours after i had left in the morning and i had to be on a plane 3 hours later so had to leave the ski as is and by the time i got back later in the week the engine had already siezed up - full engine rebuild. soooooo many lessons learned from that day, but at least i'm ok, the ski was fixed (although it's scratched to hell) and i had faith restored in the process that at least i'll get found if something bad happens out on the bay here.

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