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    polaris sl 1050 rebuild

    1 cylinder on an 1997, 1050 burned a piston. The cylinder is ok and will bore it out and replace piston.
    Should I have the other 2 cylinder bored as well? The cylinders and piston are not bad in the other 2.
    I plan to rake the oiler off just in case that was the problem and pre mix. Is there anything else I should do to ensure that the machine will run when put back together? Carbs?

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    I can pretty much guarantee you the oil injection was not the problem. You should be checking your carbs, and looking for possible air leaks as the cause of your burn down. Remember, you will use roughly twice the amount of oil going to pre mix.

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    Where can I download the service manual and specs for the cylinder boring and information? I also have an X45 now can't wait to see what she can do.

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    Amazing how many people think that removing the oil injection system is some kind of improvement in engine reliability, or that the oil injection system causes whatever trouble they are having with the engine.

    See my signature links for the common maintenance and upgrade items. Note that the only real issue with the oil injection system is making sure the hoses and clamps are in good condition and that the proper oil filter is used. Keep it maintained and the oil injection system tends to be reliable.

    Focus instead on the fuel system and the carburetors.

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