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    CDI and stator question

    I have a 2000 virage with a stator model number 4010172. The parts guide says I should use a CDI model #4010381 to replace a bad one but its no longer available. I found that a 2000 SLH uses the same stator part #4010172 but the CDI is 4010380 which is still available. What's the difference in these CDI's? The jetski already had the CDI replaced with a 4010404 which no longer works either. it also uses the same stator. I'm confused as why I would need to change the timing if imorder the 4010380 because they all use the same stator. There is an add on ebay for a CDI that says its 4010380 that also works as a 4010404. Is there a reason why a 4010380 would not work with my jet ski?

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    I believe the previous response you received on a different thread was that you MAY need to adjust the timing. Different CDIs may contain different programming for timing advance that works in conjunction with the flywheel to provide total timing advance. There may be differences between the Virage and the SLH's performance Criteria including weight, number of riders, etc that may dictate different timing curves to obtain the desired performance vs. fuel consumption vs. burn characteristics. The fact is, per ThrottleOuts response (and I don't know these so I am not affirming that this is accurate),
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    The CDI will work fine but you may still need to adjust the base timing. It should be 18 degrees at 3000 rpm.

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    Throwing up different threads just confuses the question, If your not getting a response, give it time or bump it after a day or two. Not all the guys are on every day. it can be a headache. I could go in and research k447's site that is in my signiture,he has most all the info you might need, but you can spend the time also doing it. Have you even done any research here?
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    No disrespect but I've done plenty of research and also have an update on the part. the 4010380 has also been discontinued by polaris. It's pretty frustrating when the manufacture has discontinued one of the main components of the jetski. Now I'm looking for a used one or new reprogrammed one. Other option is to change the timing but I don't have a flywheel puller at the moment. I was trying to find a cdi before I go with that route because I cant find any dealer that works on polaris jetski near me to help me with the timing. K447 told me to use a timing wheel but don't own one or have ever used one. Guess ill have to order a puller and learn how to use a timing wheel.

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