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    2003 gtx 4-tec supercharged do i have a problem?

    I am new to this site and i been reading alot on here about these skis great site. i my have a problem with my 03 the first ? is what are the rpms top out to in the water when rideing wide open my is topping out at 7200 is this right? also the top speed is only 52 mph i have read it needs to be in the low 60s the engine idle in the water at 1800 rpms. now here is where i think i have a problem i check the compression on all cyl. the first two cyl. has about 135 and the one next to the supercharged has only 90 psi i can put some oil in this cyl and it will go up to about 120psi it sounds like bad rings not sure this is done on a cold engine not warm engine. i just got this ski and it does run and idle good and cranks fast with no problem but no top speed and i did check the supercharger by pulling the u-shape hose off and i counld not turn the impeller by hand so i thinking the supercharger my be good the ski has 137 hours any help whould be great what do yall think about the low compression on that one cyl.


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    Have you changed the spark plugs? That's always step one.

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