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    2000 Yamaha gp1200r trim ??

    When I am running top speed and try to trim it up, it is very hard. Any suggestions on how to make it easier to trim up? Thanks.

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    i don't think the factory trim is designed to work at WOT

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    I wish there was because I like to trim while riding. Thanks for the response.

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    Let off the throttle as you twist your trim ,then get back on it.

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    You're trying to overcome the water pressure with your hands. I let up on the throttle then trim. Or you could get an auto drop nozzle.

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    It is kind of hard to adjust the trim when you are running at high speed because that high pressure thrust is going through it. You are fighting that high pressure thrust.

    If you were running at high speed and tried to reset the trim angle, the neutral position is where it most likely would naturally go because when your trim is set at neutral, the trim should align with the same angle or path of water flow as that created by the venturi.

    If you are riding hard and jump a wave, then at that point there is no thrust. You can adjust at this time (but you have to be quick).

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