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    2003 Polaris Msx 140 Not Getting Fuel with New Fuel Pump

    Hi I have a 2003 Polaris Msx 140 with only 12.1 hours on it. I wasnt getting any fuel to the injectors so i put a new fuel pump in it. After installing the new fuel pump i am still not getting any fuel to the injectors. I checked the fuses and they were all good. Every once in a while i can get it to start if i fiddle with the connector on the fuel pump. Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, Bob

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    What does 'not getting any fuel' mean, exactly?

    Does the fuel pump actually run when the Brown fuel pump wire is grounded?

    Do you have fuel pressure at the schrader tee in the return fuel line? How much pressure?

    If fuel pressure is good, what is the voltage on the injector White/Red wire (with all injectors plugged in)?

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    I took the line off before the first injector and there is not one drip fuel coming out while im cranking it. How would i go about grounding the brown wire?
    Thanks for the help, Bob

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