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    Good deal on 89 kawasaki 550?

    Seller on CL wants $250 for a 550 rebuilt engine in assembled with semi complete hull in great shape hull. I'm a newbie at this, is it a good deal ?

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    Is unassembled*

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    That's what I paid for my first skis seems fair

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    Considering those skis are up to 40 years old. Yes, 40 years old.. imagine that??

    Considering they are old- Id be looking to pick one up as cheap as humanly possible needing minor work and then id completely go through it. I wouldn't buy one for top dollar that the seller claims is a strong runner and etc. Id rather buy one cheap and go through it myself so that I know what im working with.
    $250 is definitely a safe investment.

    I bought a 1990 for $150 with low compression. Im in the process of putting a rebuilt 650 in it and completely re-doing it.
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    Post up pics of your ski and progress... assuming you got it.

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