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    Metal Washers need Help!

    I am changing out my metal washers today (Right Now) and the instructions I have call out different washers. When I got my washers from PPG they were in 1 bag and not lableled.

    Apprently there is a small difference in thickness. I will mic them and see.

    Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

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    If u meen the spring washers,,just stack`em opposite. Riva has detailed instructions.

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    if i recall one of them will not fit properly if it is put on wrong.
    but dont take my word on it.

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    One has a bigger hole than the other, they can only go on one way...if they fit on, you are ok...

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    Make sure you add a little oil on them as well!

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    I appreciate the info. I found a link on this site but everytime I tried to open it - my PC locks up.

    Riva calls out a L -washer and a S washer.

    I mic'd the two that were sent to me unlabeled and you are right and there is a small difference.
    17.0mm dia x 1.7mm thick.
    17.7mm dia x 1.6mm thick.

    I was not aware of the difference in Dia so your comment on how they slide on should help.


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    I think most of the metal washers on the market have one washer thicker than the other by a thousandth or so.

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    The are two different thicknesses and they have different diameter holes. The big hole washer (thinner one) goes on first. The smaller hole washer (thicker one) goes on after the gear. It's impossible to mix them up

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