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    need help please

    1995 waveraider 700. replaced fuel lines,cleaned carbs, new diaphrams,new plugs. runs great for about 15 minutes then just stops. Really need some help. I gave up on pwctoday. nobody answers me there. tomorrow is the last day before the forth and I really want to get these running right. I live a 1/4 mile from our boat launch, so I tinker then run back, tinker then run back...... just want to get the family out

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    Just stops - as in like someone flips a switch (instant dead), or stumbles and dies?

    As most would say, check compression first. Eliminate the big bad possibility.

    What about the fuel tank air vent check valve? On in proper direction?

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    compression great. 150 on both cylinders. and yes, like someone flips a switch. not like running out of fuel, just like the switch got turned off

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    someone said something that it sounds like the coil getting hot, but I've never ran into that

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    someone also mentioned bad stator. what's the best way to test it

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    Hey Chopper - you PM'd me but I'm going to keep responding here so others can maybe read the thread and chime in too...

    It possible a coil or other electrical part could be acting up. The fact you ride for 15 minutes then it goes down abruptly sort of points to an electrical issue (after it gets hot). And you say compression is good so supposedly its not seizing.

    These kinds of issues can be very aggravating and sometimes hard to locate. Been there, done that, finally found my issue in the stator unit.

    Also, since you did carb and fuel line work check that air vent check valve carefully, could be vapor locking the tank and not letting fuel in after a while.

    How do you get it started again - does it just start right up after cooling off?

    Anyone have any suggestions for him?

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    I let it sit and float around like i'm a duck on a pond, stare up at the sky and ask why, play with the choke, then it fires up, ruough at first, then takes off like im at the drag strip. curious about the check valve now. best way to test it?

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    kinda make sense, like it's vapor locking then burning up fuel in carbs and done. it does sound like it is trying to start and pop after it dies....

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    just notice something, looking at the parts breakdown on the Yamaha parts ware house, my filter vent assembly does not go to the gas tank, just the check valve coming out of the tank with a curled hose on it

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    whoops, wrong tank, that's the oil tank. my bad. please deal with my newbness, first jestski. sad thing is I race a 8 sec mustang.

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