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    2011 rxpx 260 dealer is claiming I have a bad ECM

    I have a 2011 seadoo rxpx 260 and my ski is currently in the shop getting its second intercooler. Once last summer (2012) then about 20/30 hours later, dealer winterized, garage kept I had one hour on it this summer and it was leaking again. Thankfully seadoo paid for the first and is paying for the second intercooler replacement. Now today I got a call from the dealer and is saying I have a bad ECM and the seadoo will not cover that part... when I took it in there were no error codes only symptoms of intercooler leaking. He is saying now there is an error code, either p060 or p006 (I cannot remember) and now I need a new ECM which will run about 11-1300 total. I am not convinced because there was no code before and it only has 64 hrs, garage kept. Anyone have any ideas? I cannot figure this out.

    With the ECM costing about 1000$ I do not want to give him the go ahead for this, are there other tests I can do myself to figure this out.

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    The Rxpx 260 came out in 2012. Rxpx 255 was 2011.

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    it was probably po600 and it doesnt mean shit. just tell them to fix the cooler, pick it up and ride!

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    If the ecm is fried they probably did it.
    Yeah the techs at most doo stealerships are that stupid to hook up a battery backwards..
    I've seen it happen before with a ski I had..
    If it was running perfect except for the ic and they broke the ecm I'd be pissed...

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    +1 if it was working when it went in they would be putting a new one on it bet.

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    we have 08 ecus that will work Make sure the next intercooler has vent line. Then the salt water can drain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gOt BoOsT View Post
    it was probably po600 and it doesnt mean shit. just tell them to fix the cooler, pick it up and ride!
    agree, tell them to replace he intercooler and clear the codes and this time replace the diagnostic plug protective cap.Po600 Most common cause is dumb ass dealers don't replace the diagnostic plug protective cap and this sets the code

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