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    new to the site and jet ski world, any advise greatly appreciated

    first off, ive been into small engines in some form or passion, but never owned a jet ski but rode a few off and on. now i came across a yamaha waverunner gp760. problem is it has no engine and knew it will make me learn about them. question is, is there a larger engine that will moderately swap into this hull? maybe a 1100 or 1200 engine? just want to weigh out options before i purchase a 760 engine. thanks!
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    The 65U 1200 engine from 97 to 99 GPs with bolt in. You'll just need to piece together the supporting parts like the CDI, intermediate shaft, and whatever else doesn't come with the engine you find (carbs, exhaust, etc). Also the GP760 uses a smaller 144 mm pump and the GP1200 uses a 155mm pump. The 1200 engine will work with the smaller pump but won't perform as well with the bigger pump.
    the 1100 engine will also swap in fine, same stuff as above. it does have a different CDI and ignition system configuration then the GP hull is setup with but it'll still work.

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