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    Capsized 2008 FX Cruiser HO

    Purchased the ski used a couple months ago, had it out 5 times, now has only 50 hours on it. Had a fun day out with friends last Saturday. Time to pack up so I took the truck and trailer to the ramp while my wife went to ride the ski back. Unfortunately after I left two heavyset friends wanted to ride with my wife. They ended up capsizing. Wife does know which direction she righted it, and it started right up, and after dropping the two women off went full throttle to the ramp. I had heard that you can hydro lock the engine if rolled the wrong direction so I called the local yamaha service. They recommended having it checked out. What do you think?

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    Pull the plugs and crank the engine. Make sure no water comes out. If no water comes out, briefly start the engine and check the oil. If the oil is clean and not milky looking you should be ok.

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    Probably fine as would have started to see issues depending on how long is was flipped and if it was flipped back the correct direction. That's 50/50. Either way, never let friends ride your skis. Pull the plugs and check for rust and color as well as the oil. Easiest way to lose them if things go wrong and they don't want to step up.

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