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    Just picked up a 97 gsx..

    Just picked up a red and white 97 gsx that is in unbelievably good shape with a trailer for $1,000. Did not pick though it all the way yet but it has a new MPEM, impeller and wear ring, VTS motor, wiring harness, and a Starter selinoid. Here's the problem.. Ran great 2 years ago and sat until now. Gauges power up but no cranking. The no cranking issue ill address tomorrow with my research i just did. What I want to know is how good/bad of a deal did I get? And is it possible it could stop cranking after sitting? Engine is not sized and feels to have excellent compression. Ill know more tomorrow.

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    You won't know what good/bad deal you got until you get it running. I would not do anything with these ski until you drain out the old gas, change out the fuel lines, and rebuild the carbs.

    As a point of reference, several years ago I bought a 97 GSX not running but in beautiful shape, good compression, on a dual trailer for $750. I turned around and sold the trailer for $650, so the ski effectively cost me $100. Drained and flush fuel system, replaced fuel lines, rebuilt carbs. However, I quickly found that while it ran great, it smoked like a fiend since the inner crank seals were bad, which means a new crank, and I decided to rebuild the whole engine. I ended up selling it after a couple years for about $1500, probably had just under $1000 into it, so I made a few bucks.

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    Got it to run. Ran great! But is plagued with the amp connector issues.. Now its doing the wont register the key intermittently, No cranking. Only the gauges power up and stay on for about 2 min. They used to go on and shut right back off with the key in it. And stay on with they key out. Now they stay on with or with out the key. Found some slightly green terminals in the AMP connector. Fuses all good. Only blew the 5 amp fuse once while wiggling the connector. I restore pinball machines and the computerised ones will be all funky with corrosion in the connectors. So i assume these will do the same.

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