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    remove supercharger without changing the software?

    Friends! A friend has 03Year GTX 185 horsepower supercharger broke it, we repaired the engine, but he did not want me to put a supercharger. The question is whether you want to change the software if I do not install a supercharger or that terrible, will it work well?


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    You will need to find a way to plug the SC hole or you will have a large oil leak. But if you do that, it will run pretty well up to 6000 rpm ... top speed, power and rpms will be down, but it will definitely run.

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    Thank you! made to plug the hole. You mean to say that momentum will not rise more than 6,000 rpm ? This blame is heavy or impeller still need a software?


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    Where the boost kicked in is where you will have the power loss and you'll be very rich at that point

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    My thoughts that the fuel is adjusted depending on the mass air supercharger pumping . maybe I'm wrong!


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    It will only go till 5k rpm.
    That's where the boost takes it up from there.
    Top speed without a charger is going to be around 40mph..

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    what is the way out?

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    I would say if you changed the impeller you should be at the same as a 155hp na motor 55 mph. I don't see why it would run rich if the fuel is based off of the MAP sensor.

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    I suggest, let the truth prevails in the discussions.
    I love this forum


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    Friends, more thought could practice? regards

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