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    sl 750 stalling out

    So I have my 750 running pretty good now it gets right up and goes really well clocked it a 49mph on GPS but every time I do a hard maneuver I.e. 180 or as close to 360 I can it stalls out and acts like its flooded. Has anyone else had this problem or have any advice?

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    Seriously guys I'm banging my head against the wall here I tried rebuilding the carbs, installed a triple pump replaced all the lines even removed and cleaned the tank... like I said it goes like hell in a straight line or easy turns but once you pull something hard where it bogs the ski down it will start to cut out and sometimes stall and be really hard to restart. could it be reeds? I pulled them out there is no chipping and they all look clean and like they are sealing.

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    What do you mean by 'tried rebuilding the carbs'?

    Where the carburetors disassembled, properly cleaned internally, then rebuilt with genuine OEM Mikuni parts?

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    Did the carbs get tuned after the rebuilt? Info on drop dead or gaining RPM in hard turn can be found at link below:

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    Yes the carbs were fully disassembled cleaned and reassembled with all new kits and set to the specs in the shop manual. I haven't fine tuned them at all I'll get it out tomorrow and tune them individually with those tuning tips.

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