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    Thinking of buying a new 300 x

    I had a 09 Yamaha fzr until last friday when some drunk hit my ski from behind trailering down the interstate in fla ski is totaled, my Yamaha was modded with a riva b1,wheel r2 reflash,custom ride plate,Solas prop, riva intake,grate rd sponsons, riva intake and exhaust,riva power cooler,hks bov,boat ran 77 to 78 mph, my question is can I expect same level of performance out of the kawi,I don't know if there are any boost mods available for this ski,and I don't plan on reflashing ecu,thanks skizzott!!!

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    I ride with modded Yami's all the time. Acceleration will probably be the same as your modded one. Top Speed on the 300x, with a few cheap mods, is 75. Expect to see 72-75 though. On water, that is not glass, the 300x will be quicker. That includes a little boat wake.

    It doesn't have as much as the lean-in feel that you have on the FZR but does have that lean-in hull. The hull is the big one actually, you'll feel that difference immediately. It is a much better design. The hull, the power (supercharger) and 160mm pump makes it feel much smaller than it is.

    Good luck and get back on the water soon.

    Cheers, Mal.

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    I had an 09 FZS with similar mods to what you have listed. I can only tell you in my case I am glad I now have a 300x, for the conditions I ride in, it was the right choice for me!
    Consider your riding conditions and read thru the Kawasaki section, this is what helped me make my decision to purchase a Kawasaki 300x and of course a test ride never hurts.
    I hope your insurance takes care of the loss quickly so you can ride again!


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