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    Whats your power to Weight / or Thrust to weight ratio?

    Hey dudes, whats up? Im curious.. for some manufacturers, I can find the thrust-to-weight ratio... but mostly, just the power-to-weight ratios..

    Im very curious to see if you guys have figured out yours?

    im so anxious to get my xp out in the water, and one of the reasons, was because I could get the power-to-weight ratio, damn close to the lower end supercharged skis, and base model "performance" new skis..
    im curious about the comparison.. well, besides the difference in newer designs, amenities, and all that stuff..
    running an 03 xp-di, with level one kit, stock impeller, everything else is stock.

    dry weight is 562 lbs..
    14 gallons fuel is 84 lbs,
    rider is 230 lbs,
    so im ending up with ~870-890 total lbs, with fluids, gear, rider, etc.. on an 8 foot ski, with about 147-150 hp..

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    Hey Jetman150, Using you numbers, I show you at a impressive value of 5.56 based on my thread below. Total weight divided by hp. That is about the same as a 07 Yam GP1300R. Why aren't more people talking about this? Where did you get your stage 1 kit? I bet your XP DI is a blast to ride.

    Note: Seadoo spec book shows your dry weight at 625 which would bring you up to a 6.0
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    Power to weight does not mean much on a water craft. Thrust is what matters. You could have all the power in the world, but if the pump design is poor, cavitation, etc,you waste a lot of it.

    Today's ski's lots of them have a thrust to weight ratio of 1-1 or better. Also it depends on how the mfg reports their thrust, if its static in a testbed, or moving on the water. On the water nets a higher thrust due to the ram effect.

    This is why the old 2 strokes like a kawi ultra 150 were so much fun, they weighed around 650 lbs but had thrust over 700 lbs. Made for a light nimble fast ski. XP is another. Thus the reason the Spark might be fun, it better have a good pump thrust, cause it has only 1/2 the power of the old 2 strokes.

    Now todays big heavy machines, your close to 1000 lbs or more in weight, thrust about the same. More thrust for sure, but more to push around.

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    850lb.(w/full fuel)/215= 3.953lbs/hp
    760lb./215= 3.534lbs/hp

    I have no idea what the pump thrust is...

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