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    1997 polaris slt 700 issues

    Hello everyone,

    I have a few questions about my ski. Its a 1997 polaris slt 700 and it is not starting. It is getting very little spark on both cylinders. My OHM's are going in and out on the black to purple wire. Could this mean my stator is bad? All my other readings are where they should be. I here that ignitions on these are garbage. What is the best ignition upgrade kit to get for this ski and where can i find it? Any help is much appreciated.

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    How new is your battery?

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    Welcome everybody

    See my signature links for info on the Polaris Ignition System Update Kits.

    These kits are becoming hard to source, so some hunting may be required.

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    Battery must not drop below 10.6 volts while cranking. If battery is fine ignition update it is! It took me over a year to find one that was fairly priced!

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    Ya battery is giving off about 12.6 volts. Im thinking I might just need a stator???

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    All of the other readings off of the wires are where they are suppose to be. Its the purple to black wire that I am having the problem with. I cannot find anywhere that sells stators for this year and model. They have to be out there somewhere right? lol

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    Good luck on finding one. I tried for 10 mo and finally gave up and sold it.

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    You need to find an update kit. Not easy to come by, but easier than trying to find an original stator. See the link in K447's signature for more information.

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    Does you know the website where i can order the update kit?

    I should've done my research before i bought this thing.

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