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    Which ski's came with a solid SS ring on the pump?

    Still trying to get this wear ring replaced on my buddies 99 SLX. I've seen some mention of some later models of Polaris watercraft having a solid SS wear ring segment that was solid SS and not the aluminum housing with the SS wear liner pressed in. Can somebody tell me which models those were. Also, would those pump parts fit the pump on a 99 SLX.

    Thanks again.

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    The Polaris SL-750 came with the stainless wear ring, but I doubt if they are available anymore.
    Look at the bottom of the page on this link;


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    Quote Originally Posted by Weber Guy View Post
    The Polaris SL-750 came with the stainless wear ring, but I doubt if they are available anymore..l
    I think the OP is looking for the extension ring in solid SS, not the pump base in SS.

    What years did the SL750 come with a SS lined pump base?

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