I have a 97 gp1200. Was putting ski on trailer after having carb problems. Turns out it was a fuel gauge problem(i.e. no gas). So, I gave it some throttle to get it on the trailer, it pushed a little, then revved with no power. Didn't think much about it. Went home realized it was empty, filled up with gas, went back. In the water, idles fine. Give tiny amount of throttle and it speeds up a little. Pull throttle over 1/4 inch it just revvs without going. Idled back, same deal on the trailer. Got home revved it up on the hose, sounds fine. Pissed off roll it into the garage, thinking I stripped the shafts. Look in the driveway, and there's a piece of boat trim. Pretty much like the trim on the side of the go/ all skis. It was about 10" long, the end was cut in a curve like the impeller cut it, and a couple slits that didn't go all the way through. I think that's what stripped it. Pulled it apart today, and splines look pretty good, male and female. Question is, would that piece of trim cause that. I forgot to mention, when it revved and didn't go there was some unusual vibration. Did I pull this apart for nothing? What is the way to align the motor and i-shaft to rebuild? First timer.