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    HELP 92 Polaris 650sl water go boom

    I had to make a new account tried the reset password but didnt work so this is my new

    I just got it out for the first time this season after 3 hours of riding Im on my way back home the machine hit a 2foot wave nothing I havn't hit but when it landed I herd a loud thud and it went dead I tried to fire it up turns over but sounded like I had sucked somethign up but nothing after an hour of paddleing and the police towing me in I get the machine home so heres what I got

    My friend that I lent it to didnt put drain plug all the way in I drianed Id say close to 8 full buckets full

    im pretty dahm sure it sucked up some water Ive never delt with this as Im new to PWC just last year

    the machine will turn over and start but will run for about 3 to 8 seconds but its really ruff and Im hearing rumbleing and the machine vibrates alot then dies

    im thinking a bearing I really dont know I can post a video but rather not start it up again and wreck it more

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    What was your prior username?

    You were riding it with a lot of water inside, correct? And then hit a wave.

    If yes, then it sounds like the water got sucked into the engine air intake and hydro-locked the engine. Given the rumbling sounds and rough running you describe now, my guess is that you broke stuff inside the engine.

    You can either pull the top off the engine to confirm the damage, or just remove the entire engine from the hull and start planning your engine rebuild or engine replacement project.

    A compression test and examining the spark plug tips for damage or metal debris might provide a basic confirmation of internal engine damage.

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    previous user name was garrykeddy

    thanks for the info
    I havent removed the engine cover but did remove the plugs no metal bits or any thing but will remove the engine cover and take pics

  4. #4 I pulled the plugs turned the fuel off tried to start it no water came out of the heads

    2.compression tested the machine I dont know if my machine heads are label wrong as the old owner rebuilt the machine years ago but from rear to front the the heads are labeled 3,1,2 so thats hows I tested them 1,2,3

    head 1 not good 45 psi
    head 2 110psi about were it was when I bought it 115
    head 3 down 95 from 130 when I bought it

    thoughts ? im working on pulling the top off the engine starting with the head number 1

    im also startign to think the engine maybe from a 93 is there anyway to tell from the serial number I know you can do that with the hulls
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    bump ^^^^ so clearly I need to replace the rings in the one piston but would that cause the ruff running or would there be more damage ? its been raining for days and I cant open my machine to work on it so no pics

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    You may need to do more than replace the rings. I would be addressing both 1 and 3. Those compression readings will definitely cause a rough running engine. It is likely that #1 wasn't firing at all.

    BTW, the head numbers do not matter. Moving forward, refer to the cylinders based on their position on the motor. MAG for Magneto, nearest the front of the ski, CEN, for the center cylinder, and PTO for the rear most cylinder.

    You may have scoring in the two with low readings and may need to source good used cylinders or have them bored out to the next size. This would require new pistons and rings.

    Some photos would be great!!

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