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    Got a used 08 FX Cruiser HO

    For 5k with a really nice double trailer. Only had 70 hours on it. Did I do well? Also, what mods should I do first? Pretty excited. This is my first 4 stroke!
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    enjoy it.....

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    Looks nice. 5k is pretty good price. First thing I would do is preventative maintenance to know it's been done. Change the oil, spark plugs, and have the battery tested. For mods start with the simple stuff like the intake stacks, intake grate, ride plate, pump plug kit. Then from there you can add on as desired. If you like loud exhaust and drone you can do the free flow exhaust but keep in mind it does drone quite a bit.

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    Nice ski, but all the 08 cruisers I've seen were silver. I think you might have an 06 or an 07, but still a very good deal.

    Not too many upgrades for this model that will make a whole lot of difference. I put a R&D ride plate, intake grate, and pump seal kit on mine for improved hook up.

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    If it has cruise control it is a 2008+, no cruise 2007-

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frankj9000 View Post
    If it has cruise control it is a 2008+, no cruise 2007-
    Cruise assist is only availabe with the 1.8 motor.

    2008 SHOs came with the 1.8. 2008 HOs came with the 1.1 (and the Nanoexcel hull.)

    HOs didn't switch to the 1.8 until 2009.

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    Your correct. Sorry

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    Well crap. I need to go do a retake on the HIN. Thanks guys.

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    The main difference between the cruiser and the regular HO is the seat and it looks like you have the cruiser seat. (they're interchangable)

    I think the cruiser that year may also have had a depth finder and water temp as part of the gauges on the right side of the display (not totally certain though--- 2009s and newer HO Cruisers don't---just the SHO Cruisers)

    The mechanicals, hull and everything else is the same.

    Either way,looks like a nice ski and a great price with that trailer. And, personally, I like the blue better than the silver.

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    The 08 was the only model year where you see the older MR-1 engine in combination with the Nanoxcel hull material. The cruiser model has a water/air temp., compass, trip computer, and fuel management functions on the right of the display, but earlier cruiser models also had these depth gauge on Yamaha skis (Seadoo does have that feature on some models). Overall about the only significant difference between the 06-08 FX HOs is that Yamaha added the Nanoxcell hull material to the 08.

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