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    ZXi 900 taking in water yikes! Need advise.

    Hey Guys,

    Just got this machine and I started noticing the hull filling up with water while I tracked it down and I think its coming from some type of gromet or plug on the expansion chamber.

    I can only feel with it by squeezing my hand behind that chamber unit and I feel something there when it was in the water I could feel the water pouring out of it....

    Any ideas what this is and why or I'm hoping the kawi dealer will have this plug piece...


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    Can you identify the part from a parts diagram?

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    Hey Steve,

    Found the problem I will do a video of it tonight and post it up for you if your interested.... Basically hole on the bottom of expansion chamber looks like corrosion, hole was about 8th of an inch. I guess 17 years somethings gotta give

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    This is where my problem was.

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    I screwed that video up I'll upload another one.

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    Good that ya found the problem.

    Thanks for coming back to let us know what it was. That way we can all learn from it. So many times people ask questions and get answers but then never come back to say what the problem turned out to we learn nothing from it that way.

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    Here is the proper video thanks!

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    It's crazy you posted this. I had the same thing happen 5 days ago! I got it welded up and I'm waiting for a gasket set. I had 8 inches inside

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    Cool so I'm not the only one.... I can't wait to get it in the water and try it out...

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    Quote Originally Posted by swamper View Post
    Cool so I'm not the only one.... I can't wait to get it in the water and try it out...
    Make sure you torque your exhaust nuts. I have a disaster of a situation bc I didn't.

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