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    electrical testing

    Hi everyone. I just picked up a 96 slt 700 with no spark. With everything I've read I'm sure it's the ignition system. I checked the numbers and i do in fact have the original ignition system. With that being said i don't want to spend money on the upgrade until i know 100 percent that that is in fact the problem. I'm pretty handy when it comes to most stuff but with electrical i don't even know where to begin. I was wondering if there is somewhere i can get step by step instructions? I have a multimeter just don't know how to use it or where to begin. Thank you in advance.

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    My first ski I didn't hook the lanyard up when I tried to start it..

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    See my signature links for diagnostic info related to your red domestic engine.

    There are linked threads documenting how to test the stator coils and stator Hall effect sensors. And to check the Brown wire from the CDI for 8 volts to the CDI.

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    my lanyard is hooked up. On my doo if the lanyard isn't hooked up it wont even attempt to turn over. On this polaris it will still crank the motor even if it's not on. Is this normal or could my kill switch be faulty?

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    Normal - so did it start with lanyard in?

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    Nope no spark. Ill start doing some testing this weekend and hope for the best.

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