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    What the hell to do with the gallons and gallons of old gas after the siphon

    I got 15 gallons of old gas. Well...five in a proper container and another 10 gallons in five gallon buckets. What to do with it? Thought about burning it but I probably just end up in the hospital with skin grafts. I wonder if it will evaporate over the bucket, lid off

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    I personally used it in equipment I couldnt care for, so some really old lawn mowers and my lawn tractor, they seem to run fine and even if they sputter afew times its not like I would be stuck somewhere and needed to start it back to get home/ to shore (like a boat, atv or car) .

    ive also used it to clean my hands after painting something and getting paint off hands.

    starting a fire is an option. but be careful...

    it will also take a long time before it will evaporate and youre better off using it... besides I cant imagine the smell...

    you can mix some up for your 2 stroke toys like weed eaters...

    store it in propper containers and mark them "old" I have afew gas cans like that that I got for afew bucks.

    hope I helped with the ideas.

    P.S. I do realize that lawn mowers do not eat that much gas, so maybe gas up the whole jeighbourhood? haha. or turn that old V8 thats laying around into a V8 lawn mower

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    Wow, thats a lot of old gas! but just think you can use for lawn mower, weed eaters, leaf blowers, chainsaws, ...etc. some vehichles are not to finicky

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    Depending on how old it is I'd start mixing it 1/4 tank at a time with your car or truck. If its a year old I wouldn't be to concerned about it and maybe mix 1/2 and1/2 any thing older 1/4 at a time till it's gone. As for leaving it out I wouldn't. Never know when a lightbulb will pop or another ignition system ignites that bucket. I wouldn't risk that. Pretty sure your insurance won't cover that either. As mentioned before use it in old lawn mowers etc till its gone

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    Yep, the best way to get rid of it is to put it to it's intended use. The only recommendations I'd add are to mix it with high octane fuel, stabilize it if you haven't already, and reduce the mixture ratio to 5:1 or 10:1 if you use it in a fuel injected vehicle - they're much more sensitive to fluctuations in octane in the event the fuel isn't blended well enough.

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    I've been using old drained gas in my ford 150 for quite some time. Two gallons of old vs. 13 gallons of new, with a dose of fuel injector cleaner to keep things sane. So far so good. Oh yeah..replacing fuel filters a little more often these days

    Where I am there is no legitimate way of disposing of stale fuel, besides driving $150 miles round trip and paying thru the nose.

    It's unfortunate, but around here lots of idiots just dump it on the ground( where it goes directly into our water supply) or let it evaporate in cans.

    NEVER use old gas ( or new gas btw) to start fires. You're likely to send yourself to the hospital.

    I do keep about 20 gallons around for my zombie flame thrower

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    Quote Originally Posted by shui View Post
    P.S. I do realize that lawn mowers do not eat that much gas, so maybe gas up the whole neighborhood? ...
    I do indeed offer free gas to my neighbors. I do not have enough (any) small engined equipment to burn the old fuel, so off it goes.

    I do provide some guidance regarding how to blend it with fresh fuel. 20 litres mixed into a 200 litre RV fuel tank seems about right...

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    Back in the day my dad (and most others dads) would have used it for weed/grass killer. That's not exactly an accepted use or legal use nowadays though.

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    If it was in proper containers, you can resell it on Craigslist without the containers obviously. Lots of guys looking for fuel for above said purposes. Would say maybe 15 bucks. We tend to be more finicky with our skis than others who'll probably just put it to some sort of commercial use.

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    Burn in yer darn car. Best use hands down

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