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    2002 polaris virage txi wont break 30 mph and stutters

    I just got the ski back together after purchasing it with a bad emm that I had dfi rebuild. The ski fired right up and seemed to run good, I put the ski in the water and it runs good till about 30 mph and then it start sounding like its missing a little and will not go any faster. The ski does have autolite plugs in it instead of the correct ngk plugs but would that cause this problem? Bad tps? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    Wrong spark plugs cause problems on Ficht engines. Get the correct spark plugs before you do any further riding or diagnostics.

    NGK PZFR6H only.

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    Ok got the correct plugs and the ski is still doing the same thing. Starts off smooth and runs good till about 30mph and then falls on its face and wont go any faster, also I noticed the oil light blinks when it gets up to that speed and then goes out after I let off the throttle.

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    Check the fuel pressure and Injector Voltage for starters. Fuel pressure should be over 20 PSI at idle.

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    this is my problem.... anyone get a fix?

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    This is for a fuel injected ski, your is carb

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