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    1997 GSX 787 exhaust hose question

    Getting ready to finish up my gsx rebuild and I need to get the short exhaust hose that goes between the pipe and water box. My question is, do I need to order the specific part, or is that just a piece of hose that I can pick up at the auto parts store?

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    a good peice is silicone hose with work just fine as it doesn't get really hot unless you overheat the ski

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    I'd use marine type exhaust hose, that will hold up..plain old ordinary radiator hose will not

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    The auto parts store has high temp industrial hose that looks similar to radiator hose but has an almost cloth like spiral wrap around the outside. You can buy it by the foot.

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    I have that exact piece for.that ski if you wana pay for.the shipping u can have it ,if its wortg the shipping but its up to you jist let me know

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