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    Gp 1200 r no spark!

    I am re-building a 2001 Yamaha GP 1200 R that was sank. I have already rebuilt the motor with a new crankshaft and new starter bendix, and carbs have been rebuilt. After I installed the motor and got it ready to fire up...NOTHING! I replaced the starter and now the motor at least turns over, but won't start...NO SPARK! I was getting multiple alarms on the display so I have used the forums to bypass the water temp sensor and exhaust temp sensor using resistors. The water temp sensor is still showing an alarm, but the exhaust temp sensor problem has cleared. Shouldn't the resistor have cleared the water temp sensor alarm? Suggestions?? Thanks!

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    There could be a number of possible factors to consider here. I am new to the forum but not so new to the GP1200R, mine had no spark and I diagnosed it to be a bad stator. However because the ski sank or had water in it there is a possibility that CDI is bad. This may be the reason for the water temp alarm still. You are correct in saying that bypassing the water temp would fix it. Moving on from the CDI box is the dash itself. If the dash was wet or submersed it too could be faulty causing your alarms. Ultimately it sounds like CDI/Ignition or the stator. If the ski sank or was submersed in salt water, its next to battery acid. With a little help from the forum though I'm sure your gp will come back to life.

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    Download a Service manual for the gp1200r. Starting on page 162 (7-12), starts ignition system tests. Do these tests should solve your problem. I am not sure if it would solve my problem of only 1 cylinder not firing though. I don't mean to highjack your thread but if anyone had any input on 1 cylinder not firing, that would be great. I was thinking a bad ground since there was some water in the electrical box. I replaced the ignition coil and will replace the spark plug wire later today. I am hoping it isn't the CDI since its a aftermarket RIVA.

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    Replace the water temp sensor or it will not spark.

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    +1 on the manual. They are usually excellent at diagnosing electrical problems. Don't skip any steps! It's tempting to, but I've learned that lesson more than once.

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    I also had no spark on the ski I just purchased this year (98 GP1200) and after the first day having it out it just quit working. Turned out to be the stator. First aftermarket stator I bought was also bad and had to order another OEM stator before getting it working again.

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