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    1998 gtxl horrible bog on the low end fine on the top end

    Guys my gtxl carbed motor has been running great after rebuild and green hulk forum recommended jetting with FA. Today we filled it up and took off all of a sudden a horrible low end bogging to the point that it will kill if I pull the throttle. If I feather it up and get to the 3500 or so range it will run fine on the top end as long as I keep it up there. Spark plugs look good carbs are properly set and fuel system had all new lines last summer and cleaned out this summer. Last time it was doing something similar to this but not as bad the accelerator pump line had a hole in it. What do you guys think?

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    Clogged accelerator pump nozzles or bad check valve on accelerator pump fuel line

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    Check the plugs real quick but it sounds like a fuel issue, BUT you need to make sure your NOT running lean or you'll lose the topend

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    plugs looked good didnt look lean at all. i have already had issues last summer with the accelerator pump line leaking and causing something similar but not as severe. i will pull the carbs and check the accelerator pump again. thinking i got a little trash or something in it.

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