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    94 vxr pro water in hull/limited speed and rpm

    Hello, newbie here. I have a 94 vxr pro that normally runs fine. Put it in the water for the first time this season last week and today after riding for about 10 minutes with no problem at all, I noticed that at as much gas as i gave it, it would only do about 4000 rpm and was going very slow. So I pulled back to my dock, and noticed there was about 3-4 inches of water in my hull that was not there before I went out. I drained out the water, and put it back in the water to see if I could locate where the water is coming in, but didn't notice anything I'm assuming it may be leaking somewhere when it's actually moving.

    Considering it ran perfectly fine for 10-15 minutes then started acting up, I'm not sure what the issue could be. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.

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    You should trailer it and wile backed in the water crank it and rev it up and see if you have a cooling line leaking. it may not leak unless it is under pressure. also if it ingested water and that is what it sounds like you need to run it a lot to make sure the water is out of the crank case.

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    Thanks for the advice! Hopefully I can get it on a trailer some time this week to check it out. Not entirely sure where the cooling lines are, but sure I can figure it out. Thanks again.

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    Also look for water running out underneath the waterbox (muffler) on the left side. They are fiberglass and are known to come apart.

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